On 8th July 2016, AmCham Eastern Region organized an Eastern Region members meeting hosted by Mr. K.P. Sengupta, Chairman ER. The purpose of the meeting was to explain to members the role of AmCham both in the Eastern Region, the national level, including the secretariat, and the benefits that are derived from membership and to get members views and opinions on the road map that should be followed by the ER which would be in line with the national agenda.

The meeting was opened by Mr. K.P. Sengupta who explained to members the national agenda and this was followed by a power point presentation by the Regional Director, Amada Kidwai, on the various aspects of membership. Mr. Amit Mallik, a member of the executive committee, walked members through all the benefits and highlighted AmCham’s ER role in trying to get investments into West Bengal by organizing road shows at the request of the West Bengal Government both in Delhi and Bangalore. Members present put forward their views and suggested events that they would be interested in. The meeting was bought to a close with thanks to the chair and was followed by high tea.


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