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Breakfast Meeting on Chennai Smart City Infrastructure  – 17th June 2016

Recognizing the need for businesses to share in the task of making Chennai a better place to live and work, AmCham organized a meeting on 17th June, 2016 with Mr. Raj Cherubal, Chief Resilience Officer for Chennai. Over 40 representatives from member companies participated in the discussion.

Mr. Raj Cherubal made a presentation on the civic conditions prevalent in Chennai and compared it with that of several cities of similar area and demographics in Asia and Latin America. He stated that Clean Chennai is a Corporation of Chennai initiative to catalyze a city-wide shift in citizens’ attitudes towards solid waste – ownership, treatment, and management.

He engaged with member companies to enlist the active support of all stakeholders – ragpickers, residents, commercial establishments, institutions and others – to manage waste in an ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable manner.

The simple one line message he conveyed is: ‘Do not litter. Put waste where it belongs. In the right bins and at the right time.’

Mr. Raj Cherubal exhorted AmCham companies to work with the Clean Chennai movement to:

Progress in the fight against garbage
Create awareness on best waste management practices in Chennai
Reduce waste – will help save both the planet and money
Turn organic waste into something useful – like compost, biogas, or electricity
Set up a biogas facility on campus to fuel the campus kitchen
Reuse waste – donate, sell used furniture, furnishing, clothes, electronics and other accessories
Recycle waste – contact competent recyclers, making less waste go to landfills or dumpsites

Member companies expressed their support to the Clean Chennai movement as part of their CSR campaign.


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