Past Events

Global Human Capital Trends: Insights. An AMCHAM HR Committee Initiative at Mumbai – 28th May 2015

In our endeavor to bring thought leaders on a distinctive platform to share their thoughts and experiences, AmCham’s HR Committee organized a breakfast session on “Global Human Capital Trends” on May 28th, 2015 at Mumbai. The forum provided a unique opportunity to interact with Mr. Jeff Schwartz, Principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP. As the inaugural “Leader Speak” session, the objective of the session was to frame the issues and topics for discussion and exploration throughout the year by gathering perspectives and priorities from AmCham members on the theme of the future of work.

Deloitte senior global consulting partner, Mr. Jeff Schwartz, shared perspectives on global human capital trends – including three years of data from HR and business leaders. The discussion highlighted megatrends which are shaping the future of the workforce and work.

Business Trends – discussed how businesses are moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into richly networked ecosystems, creating new opportunities for innovation
Human Capital Trends – shared insights on mega trends emerging from the HC Trends Surveys across three years and talk about the transformation of HR into a more agile and forward thinking role
Tech Trends – shared his views on the fusion of IT and business and bring to front the trends that could potentially disrupt the way businesses engage their customers, how work gets done, and how markets and industries evolve.

About the leader:

Mr. Jeff Schwartz is a Principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and a senior leader in the Human Capital practice. He has extensive global consulting experience and has lived and worked in the United States, India, Russia, Belgium, Nepal, Kenya and Sri Lanka. He is currently the Managing Director for the Human Capital practice in US India, based in Mumbai and New York and a senior adviser to Deloitte’s Human Capital practice in India. Jeff is on the Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Executive committee and the leader for Talent Strategies and Human Capital Marketing, Eminence, and Brand. For the past three years Jeff has been a lead co-author and editor of Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends series including this year’s report Leading in the New World of Work.