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Northern Region Council Executive Committee Meeting – 11th September 2020 – 11 September 2020

AMCHAM supported Invest India in their effort to put together an Atlas for US investors in India. The Investment Atlas can facilitate initial information benefit of US investors in India. The Atlas meets the purpose of giving U.S. investors a simple and quick overview of India’s geography with key areas of interest pointed out for them: ports, railway networks, airports, major highways, SEZs, U.S. Embassy/Consulate locations, location of Business Associations (such as AMCHAM), tourist locations, popular residential areas for U.S. Expats, and popular areas where other U.S. businesses are located. The Atlas covers all areas of India. Click HERE to access the Investment Atlas. This is an Invest India document and AMCHAM India has been permitted to place it on AMCHAM India site.

Policies and Schemes offered by States in North India – Click Here to View.


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