AMCHAM participated in a virtual meeting called by Mr. Amod Omprakash, Cyber and Digital Policy Officer, U.S. Embassy to discuss the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 on December 5th. Other important officials at the meeting included Mr. Richard Holliday, Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs, Bilateral & Regional Affairs, Information & Communications Policy, Cyber and Digital Policy, U.S. Department of State, Mr. Philip Cummings, Deputy Minister Counselor for Economic, Environment, and Science and Technology, U.S. Embassy, Ms. Ann Mason, Trade and Technology Unit Chief, U.S. Embassy, Mr. Supratim Chatterjee, Economic Specialist (Trade & Technology), U.S. Embassy and more. The discussions revolved around the opportunities and concerns related to the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 and important points discussed included deemed parental consent for processing children’s personal data, requirement to access data in 22 languages, personal data breach reporting and time-line for grievance redressal, among others.


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