On January 17th, a meeting of AMCHAM’s Supply Chain and Logistics Committee was held in hybrid mode at the UPS Express office in Mumbai. The meeting commenced with opening remarks by Ms. Iram Siddique, Regional Director – Western Region, AMCHAM India. Through his welcome address, Mr. Praveen Gosain, Chairman – Supply Chain & Logistics Committee, AMCHAM and Director (Supply Chain India), Corning Technologies India briefly summarized the discussions held in the last committee meeting and the sessions that have been covered in the past year. He also highlighted the focus areas to be covered in the coming two months and invited suggestions from members to ideate on topics that would be of interest to them in 2023. During the discussion, members opined the need to have a session on Free Trade Agreement (FTAs), a representation to the government for effective implementation of the National Logistics Policy, risk management in supply chain and ESG. The meeting was concluded with closing remark from Mr. Praveen Gosain.



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