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Aviation Committee Meeting with U.S. Special Representative for Environment and Water Resources, Ambassador Jennifer A. Haverkamp – 1st September 2016

AmCham’s Aviation Committee members met with Ambassador Haverkamp, Special Representative for Environment and Water Resources, U.S. Department of State, on 1st September in New Delhi, to discuss a global market-based measure (MBM) to address CO2 emissions from international aviation recently adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization Assembly (ICAO). Ambassador Haverkamp mentioned there is strong support from IATA for this MBM. The phases of the 15 year program, scheduled to start in 2021, were explained. The first 6 years of the program are voluntary but eventually all ICAO members would be required to participate. Ambassador Haverkamp addressed questions and comments from members and explored ways that the GOI can promote greater sustainability in civil aviation. Companies that participated in the interaction included APCO, Boeing, GE, Harris and Honeywell.


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