The agenda of the meeting was to discuss updates on the upcoming AmCham Supply Chain and Logistics Committee Event on 16th July. The Core Committee unanimously agreed to have a larger outreach to encourage participation. GST being one of the key topics, member representatives from the Tax and Finance departments were to be invited.

Ahead of the 7th July- US-India Strategic & Commercial Dialogue, Mr. Nikhil Kush shared the feedback received from members highlighting the key issues and challenges with respect to Supply Chain and Logistics. Post the discussion, 5 key issues were highlighted to be represented at the US-India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue meeting.

The need for national registration laws for vehicles
The SVB policies and renewal processes
The introduction of Form 15 CA / CB for the import of goods
Poor infrastructure

Ms. Surabhi Wahal invited views of the members on developing White papers by the SCL Committee. It was suggested that it would work well to reach out to individuals who are pursuing a Phd research on supply chain or logistic issues. The committee members would be happy to share their experiences and inputs on the proposed field, and in return the individual could later share the observations and conclusions of his / her research. It was also suggested that the core committee would reach out to established institutes and their supply chain management centers and check the feasibility of this initiative and discuss them in the next meeting.


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