Past Events

Women in Power; Women in Business - 19 March 2024

AMCHAM’s Western Region, in collaboration with UNICEF, organized a panel discussion on ‘Women in Power; Women in Business’ on March 19th in Mumbai to explore the multifaceted landscape of gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Mr. Dean Docherty of UNICEF welcomed everyone while highlighting the global gender gap and UNICEF’s focus on gender equality programming, girls’ leadership, and engagement of men and boys in promoting gender equality.

Ms. Kaku Nakhate, National Executive Board Member of AMCHAM and President & Country CEO, Bank of America emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in creating vibrant workplaces. She stressed BoA’s commitment to fostering gender equality, inclusive workplaces, and equal opportunities for all employees. Ms. Nakhate moderated the panel with Mr. Mike Hankey, Consul General, U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, Ms. Ipsita Dasgupta, Sr. VP & MD, Hewlett Packard India and Ms. Emma Jindal, CFO, Accenture India. Consul General Hankey underscored the imperative of women’s empowerment rooted in personal stories and a collective aspiration for a better world. Ms. Dasgupta emphasized the role of technology in empowering women and highlighted the importance of personalized benefits, career support programs, and creating a supportive environment for women in the workplace. Ms. Jindal discussed Accenture’s approach to gender diversity, emphasizing the importance of equality as part of the organizational DNA. She highlighted initiatives such as personalized benefits, career reboot programs, and engaging with diversity suppliers.

Throughout the discussion, audience engagement was vibrant, with inquiries ranging from gender-sensitive policies to equity extension beyond companies. Key takeaways included the vital role of technology, collaborative partnerships, and personalized support programs in advancing gender equality and inclusion. The event concluded with a resounding commitment to fostering diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.