Past Events

Webinar on COVID-19 in India – Updates and Strategies: An HR Perspective – 27th March 2020

In the wake of COVID-19 and its massive impact on businesses, in particular HR aspects, AMCHAM’s HR Committee, in collaboration with Sannam S4, organized an interactive webinar on ‘COVID-19 in India – Updates and Strategies: An HR Perspective’ on March 27th. The panelists included Ms. Susmita Sen, Head of HR Advisory, Sannam S4, Mr. Abhinav Sood, Head of Client Relations & International Projects-Financial Consulting, Sannam S4 and Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM. The webinar focused on pertinent issues like retrenchment, appraisals, employee motivation and engagements, leadership and remote working situations, amongst others. The panelists touched upon important points needed in the prevailing challenging times. They informed participants about the three pillars as dictated by the International Labor Organization – protecting workforce, stimulating economy and supporting jobs.

They also spoke about the importance of proper appraisals that should be done in isolation from the present timeframe and the importance of identifying key performers. The importance of proper documentation and compliance was also brought up during the discussion. The leaders were asked to show dynamism in this rapidly changing scenario. Issues and challenges in remote working were discussed along with some suggestive measures to overcome them. Around 80 participants attended the webinar. The webinar concluded with a vote of thanks by AMCHAM India and Sannam S4.