Past Events

U.S. Immigration Update: Navigating Through Challenging Times in partnership with Fragomen – 18 September 2020

A politically charged run up to the U.S. Presidential election has also added to looming uncertainty around U.S. immigration for the foreseeable future. As we draw close to the end of a tumultuous year, AMCHAM, in partnership with Fragomen, hosted a webcast featuring a panel of experts from Fragomen, including Fragomen founder and Chairman Mr. Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. The session covered the myriad of immigration and mobility challenges. Pandemic-induced travel restrictions, frequent changes in regulation and stricter enforcement have been a few factors that influence strategy and decision making. The speakers were Mr. Austin T. Fragomen, Chairman and Partner, Fragomen, Mr. Bo Cooper, Partner, Fragomen USA, Mr. Scott Fitzgerald, Partner, Fragomen USA and Mr. Saju James, Partner, Fragomen India. Mr. Ravi Krishnan, Vice Chairman – Karnataka Chapter, AMCHAM and Chief Administration Officer, Goldman Sachs, gave the opening remarks for the session. The session was a leadership focused session with top management from AMCHAM member companies.