Past Events

The CFO as Strategic Business Partner: Why You’re at the Table – 23 November 2021

AMCHAM hosted a session, in partnership with IMA, titled ‘The CFO as Strategic Business Partner: Why You’re at the Table’ on November 23rd. The session focused on how responsibilities of a CFO are evolving into a much more strategic context. To avoid competitive fade and decline, most companies work to create greater long-term sustainable value through a better understanding of when and where to invest capital and resources. The session talked about what CFOs and management accounting professionals do specifically to ensure their decisions will lead to that long-term sustainable value creation. Some of the key takeaways include how to turn CFOs into chief value officers involved in leveraging financial data into business strategy and decision-making and where the current CFOs were on this evolution. As CFOs affirm their new role of strategic partners and take on additional responsibilities, some of the new skill sets they will need to continue to add value to the business ecosystem were discussed. The role CFOs play when it comes to data and who ought to be governing it and optimizing the usage of data to drive better business outcomes was mentioned. The speakers were Mr. Russ Porter CFO, IMA | Institute of Management Accountants, Mr. Sarathi Shah, Director Finance, Collins Aerospace India, Mr. Sugeeth Kumar, Director Finance, Verticals & HQ, Commercial HVAC, Carrier and Ms. Hanadi Khalife, Senior Director, MEA & India Operations, Institute of Management Accountants. The session was very well received by participants.