Past Events

TB Pledge: Workplace and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative – 25 April 2019

At the U.S. Embassy, the ‘TB Pledge: Workplace and Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative’ was launched at a reception on April 25th, in partnership with AMCHAM, CII and USAID. Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the leading infectious killers in India, killing roughly one person every minute. India has the world’s largest burden of TB, causing a loss in productivity and draining the Indian economy. At the highest levels, India and USAID have boldly committed to eliminating TB in India by 2025.

AMCHAM fully supported USAID on their TB Pledge initiative aimed to engage the private sector to increase resources to combat TB, raise awareness of TB as a curable disease and improve TB health outcomes. From AMCHAM, 31 members were recognized by Ambassador Kenneth Juster for having committed to the TB pledge. At the launch event the following speakers gave remarks: Ambassador Kenneth Juster, Ms. Ramona EL Hamzaoui, Deputy Mission Director, USAID, Ms. Kruti Bharucha, CEO, People India (TB survivor), Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General, AMCHAM and Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman, CII Healthcare Council and Chairman and MD, Medanta.