The newly constituted Tax Working Group under the Tax, Tariff & Regulatory Affairs Committee had its first meeting on November 9th. Currently, the group has a cross-sectoral representation from 12 companies with the objective of identifying and prioritizing themes for stakeholder engagement. The working group and the committee is chaired by Mr. Naveen Aggarwal, Partner – International Tax and Partner in Charge U.S. Corridor, KPMG in India and Co-Chaired by Ms. Neeru Ahuja, Partner – Global Business Tax, Deloitte in India. The discussion of the working group prioritized topics from amongst the nine identified themes in the agenda. OECD Pillar One & Pillar Two Blueprints, COVID related tax relief, cross border mobility, GST with its operational issues and the pre-budget memo were high for advocacy, representation and knowledge dissemination amongst members. The group agreed to meet every one or two months.


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