On 19th August, a meeting of AMCHAM’s Supply Chain and Logistics Committee was held virtually. The meeting commenced with opening remarks by Ms. Surabhi Wahal, Regional Director – Western Region, AMCHAM India. This was followed by welcome addresses by Mr. Praveen Gosain, Chairman – Supply Chain & Logistics Committee, AMCHAM and Director (Supply Chain India), Corning Technologies India Private Limited and Ms. Shilpa Ramanathan, Co-Chairperson – Supply Chain & Logistics Committee, AMCHAM and Supply Chain Leader, Becton Dickinson Private Limited. Mr. Gosain shared brief insights on the presentation and interaction of the committee’s office bearers with members of AMCHAM’s Western Region Committee. As part of the agenda, members also shared best practices and ideated on topics for future initiatives of the committee. The meeting concluded with closing remarks by Ms. Ramanathan.


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