Past Events

Session on Distance 3.0 – New Normal – 11th May 2020

AMCHAM’s Hyderabad Chapter organized ‘Distance 3.0 – New Normal’ on May 11th via Microsoft Teams. The guest speaker was Mr. V. Laxmikanth, Managing Director, Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc. He walked participants through the history of the communication revolution, citing breakthroughs and why the session was named it 3.0. He also mentioned how the pandemic has made business leaders and corporates look more seriously at work from home (WFH) options.

The four points to ponder included: Foundation barriers; Impact on individual; Impact on organization design; Impact on the economy/industry. The successful movers would be those mastering asynchronicity. Mr. Laxmikanth emphasized that trust was a key factor for synchronous work. We would start to see a local community connect. He suggested that health monitoring would be a main stay – monitoring body temperature and key vitals at businesses. He predicted the future is WFH with maybe 50/50 or 60/40 balance, depending on the organization.