Past Events

Roundtable with USAID Leadership on Climate Smart Agriculture: Enhancing Regional Trade and Food Security

On May 31st, AMCHAM and USAID organized a roundtable with USAID leadership on ‘Climate Smart Agriculture: Enhancing Regional Trade and Food Security’ in New Delhi. Dr. Bryan Byrne, Development Partnerships & Innovation Office Director, USAID/India welcomed participants and gave an overview of regional food security. He shared USAID priorities on addressing climate change and boosting economic growth. Ms. Anjali Kaur, Deputy Assistant Administrator, Asia Bureau, USAID addressed participants on the need for innovation to address these urgent challenges. She discussed regional collaboration which could promote economic growth and sustainability in climate change adaptation. AMCHAM members shared case studies from their agriculture projects, agri-tech start-ups, mapping weather challenges, apps for farmers, reducing water usage across the supply chain, sustainable crops and using AI and machine learning to increase crop yields, among other topics.


There was a candid interaction with all participants. Ms. Veena Reddy, Mission Director, USAID/India, Ms. Karen Welch, Mission Director, USAID/Nepal, Mr. Reed Aeschliman, Mission Director, USAID/Bangladesh, Mr. Gabirel Grau, Mission Director, USAID/Sri Lanka and the Maldives, various Economic Growth Officers from regional USAID Missions, and officials from USAID/India participated. Representing AMCHAM were Ms. Swati Kalra, India Lead – Development Partnerships, Accenture, Ms. Anita Kumar, Public Affairs & Strategic Engagements, Cisco Systems India, Ms. Avantika Singha, Head – Government Relations, India, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd. and Ms. Valerie Swope, Program Coordinator, AMCHAM.