Past Events

Roundtable on the Future of U.S. – India Relations with Mr. Nelson Cunningham, President, McLarty Associates – 31st July 2017

AMCHAM members met with Mr. Nelson Cunningham, President and Co-Founder, McLarty Associates, for a roundtable session on the future of U.S. – India relations at the office of BAE Systems India on 31st July 2017. Mr. Nik Khanna, Managing Director – India, BAE Systems India Services (Pvt.) Limited, welcomed participants, introduced Mr. Cunningham and gave opening remarks.

Mr. Nelson Cunningham gave an overview of McLarty’s and their history with India. He emphasized that the U.S. – India relationship is one of few bilateral relationships in the world with bipartisan support in both countries. He discussed the political scene in Washington D.C., the budget reconciliation rules in the Senate, the new administration’s trade agenda and focus on countries with trade deficits, and areas of mutual concerns for both countries, such as counterterrorism and energy.

Members posed poignant questions about the unorthodox administration in the U.S. and the implications for India. Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM, thanked Mr. Cunningham for his support of the U.S. – India economic partnership and an excellent interactive session.