Past Events

Resilient Enterprises with a Focus on Cyber Security & Technology Adoption Webinar – 22nd April 2020

AMCHAM’s Karnataka Chapter, in partnership with KPMG in India, hosted an interactive webinar on ‘Resilient Enterprises with a Focus on Cyber Security & Technology Adoption’ on April 22nd. In light of the current business environment, the key to business survival is building a resilient enterprise operation, which requires organizations to adopt a principle of being resilient by design across all the operational vectors, including workforce management, technology adoption, supply chain, cyber security, communication and facility management.

The session covered challenges organizations faced during the COVID-19 crisis, key lessons learnt during the crisis management, what is required to be operationally resilient and how to leverage on technology and cyber security to enhance operational resilience. The speakers from KPMG were Mr. Atul Gupta, Partner and Head IT Advisory and India Cyber Security Lead, Mr. Nitin Shah, Partner IT Advisory Cyber Security and Mr. Merril Cherian, Partner IT Advisory Cyber Security. The webinar was attended by member companies like Aryaka Networks, Saggezza, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, among others.