Past Events

Panel Discussion on the Impact of Demonetization on U.S. Investment 9th December 2016

A panel discussion on the Impact of demonetization on U.S. investment was held on 9th December in Kolkata. The panelists were Mr. Roopen Roy, Ex – MD, Deloitte Touche, Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee, Ex – Senior MD, Duncan Group, Mr. Pallab Gupta, Head Taxation, ITC and Professor Alok Ray of IIM Kolkata. The panelists discussed various issues that has arisen from demonetization and the impact on the economy, the benefits of the country moving towards a “less cash” economy, the short and long term impact on growth and taxation. Mr. Joyeep Dutta Gupta acted as the moderator. The question and answer session was lively. The meeting was well attended.