Past Events

Meeting with Mr. Nripendra Misra, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister – 14th December 2017

A one-to-one meeting between AMCHAM – AdvaMed member Medtronic and Mr. Nripendra Misra was organized on December 14th, 2017. Mr. James Southwick,Vice President, Global Government Affairs met with the Principal Secretary as a follow up to AMCHAM-AdvaMed delegation meeting in October. The discussion included a presentation on the ‘Global Medical Devices Industry Footprint in India’ survey data to the Principal Secretary and how to make quality medical technologies affordable to all. Mr. Misra also requested the association to reach out to its members to consider investing in manufacturing facilities in India and requested suggestions on achieving universal healthcare and access to primary care for the Indian population. AdvaMed-AMCHAM offered to work with its members and prepare a position paper for consideration by the Principal Secretary in coming weeks.