Past Events

Medical Devices Committee and Pharmaceutical Committee Interactive Session with Government of Uttar Pradesh Officials – 25 January 2023

With the health sector identified as a thrust area under the project boosting Uttar Pradesh’s economy to USD 1 trillion in the next 5 years and given the fact that UP is one of the largest consuming markets in India, AMCHAM organized an interactive session with government officials from Uttar Pradesh on January 25th to enhance health outcomes and attract investment in healthcare. Mr. Umang Chaturvedi, Chairman – Pharma Committee, AMCHAM and Head of Policy & International Affairs, Mylan, chaired the meeting. Key policymakers from the Government of UP included Mr. Alok Kumar, Principal Secretary – Department of Medical Education, Mr. Ravinder, Secretary – Department of Health and Family Welfare, Ms. Sangeetha Singh, CEO – Ayushman Bharat, UP, and Dr. G.N. Singh, Advisor. Members from MSD, India Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, and GE Healthcare shared their experience and perspectives and sought some clarification on market access to advanced technologies, investment environment for manufacturing and R&D, training and reskilling of healthcare professionals and partnering to develop health infrastructure. Almost 37 members participated this meeting. The team from Deloitte India, set the context during the session.

Officials requested American healthcare tech companies to plan for investment in UP in partnership and collaboration with the government. Proposed investment through standalone PPP model, specialized centres for cancer, technology enabled skilling, huge need of paramedical, nursing and doctors, state of the art institute and stimulators, training of manpower, value based procurement, accessibility and availability of pharmaceutical products, etc. were discussed. Deloitte would work with AMCHAM in identifying the top 10 disruptive ideas the members can take forward. Industry members were invited to attend the state investment summit scheduled for February 2023.