Past Events

Interactive Session on GCCs & Next-Gen Technologies – 13 October 2023

AMCHAM, in collaboration with KPMG, organized an interactive session on ‘GCCs & Next-Gen Technologies’ on October 13th at KPMG’s office in Gurugram. The session’s purpose was to deep dive into the world of new age technologies and understand its tremendous potential. The session also covered the recently adopted Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP Act). In the first session on ‘How GCCs are Evolving with Next-Gen Technologies and Gen-AI,’ Mr. Sachin Arora, Partner and Head of Digital Lighthouse, KPMG in India and Mr. Nitin Raj, Associate Partner, Digital Lighthouse, KPMG in India, presented ways to unlock creativity in the present era of Generative AI, how to look beyond automation by way of pioneering business solutions with Generative AI and discussed moonshot ideas. Members discussed the future of Generative AI, innovative business solutions, and the potential of Gen-AI. Gen-AI is becoming an essential component of every industry. To stay ahead of the curve, it is crucial for GCCs to adopt it promptly. The second session was on ‘Digital Personal Data Protection Act: Business Implications’ with Mr. Nitin Shah, Partner, Digital Trust, KPMG in India as the expert speaker. The session covered an overview and applicability of the act on GCCs, data principal rights and consent and legitimate use, impact on GCCs and potential challenges in implementation, obligations and significance of data fiduciary. The session also addressed challenges in implementation of the act while ensuring adoption in an ethical and compliant way in today’s world of technology. Further, the session also highlighted the implication of the act for adopting some of the emerging technologies such as Generative AI.