The Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee organized an interactive session on ‘Cyber Security in Compliance & Investigations’ on November 26th. Mr. Gaurav Ajmani, Chairman – Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee, AMCHAM and Associate General Counsel, Business Conduct & Ethics, Amazon Seller Services gave the opening remarks and introduced the speaker. The guest speaker was Mr. Ranjeeth Bellary, Associate Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, EY. The session focused on the emergence of cyber threats as the new normal and why every business must have a good strategy to combat such threats. The presentation covered global threat environment, emergence of ransomware, impact of COVID-19 on cyber security, global privacy regulations, India specific regulations on cyber reporting, the process of breach and the parties involved, gathering evidence in remote investigations and the challenges involved. Mr. Bellary also shared case studies on phishing, data theft and ransomware and suggested best practices to the participants. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session with participants. Mr. Gaurav Ajmani gave the concluding remarks.


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