Past Events

Interaction with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) – 11th October 2019

AMCHAM organized an interaction with Senator Ted Cruz in New Delhi on October 11th. Senator Cruz was on a multi country tour in Asia to visit the friends and allies of the U.S. surrounding China. Mr. Matt Ingeneri, Economic Growth Unit Chief, U.S. Embassy, introduced the Senator and made opening remarks. Participants introduced themselves and their companies. Mr. Phil Shaw, Chairman, AMCHAM, gave an overview of the U.S.-India defense partnership and the significant gains over the years.

The discussion touched on various aspects of the U.S.-India partnership including, defense, energy, ICT and cyber security. Data localization, fintech, renewable energy, tax and regulatory reforms, state government challenges and areas of concern in the partnership were discussed. Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM and Ms. Ambika Sharma, Managing Director, India, USIBC, made closing remarks. The Senator was accompanied by his staff, Ms. Samantha Leahy, Senior Legislative Assistant, Mr. Garrett Exner, Military Legislative Assistant and Mr. David Engelman, Army Legislative Assistant.