Past Events

Interaction With Dr David Warner Consular Chief US Consulate General Kolkata – 30th September 2020

A welcome for Dr. David Warner, Consular Chief, U.S. Consulate Kolkata, was organized by AMCHAM’s Eastern Region on September 30th through Webex. Mr. Gulshan Sachdev, Chairman – Eastern Region, AMCHAM and Managing Director Quaker Chemical India, began the session with welcoming Dr. David Warner to Kolkata and members present. He gave a brief of what AMCHAM India does in the Eastern Region and invited Dr. David Warner to give his address. Dr. David Warner has a PhD in Organization Systems from Fielding Graduate University. He is a retired Naval Officer and served as an Assistant Naval Attache and Navy Program Officer at the Embassy in New Delhi. His current portfolio includes all Consular services in various countries and diverse capacities.

Dr. Warner gave a brief on the current visa situation and mentioned that visas are currently being processed only for those who already had them earlier via the interview waiver program. There are no physical presence issue of visas, unless it is an emergency and the emergency has to be mentioned to enable it to be considered. There was Q&A portion in which members asked Dr. Warner any questions on visas and his initial experience in Kolkata. The meeting concluded with thanks to Dr. Warner for spending a considerable amount of time in answering queries and AMCHAM wished him best for his tenure in the City of Joy.