Past Events

Infrastructure and Smart Cities Committee Meeting – 24th October 2017

As many as 18 members of the AMCHAM Infrastructure and Smart Cities Committee converged at the UTC office at Gurugram for the second committee meeting in 2017. The proceedings were chaired by Mr. Arun Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Fluor Daniel and co-chaired by Mr. Samit Ray, Director, United Technologies Corporation. This meeting picked up right from the end of the previous and first committee meeting in 2017, held on 12th July. The committee members congratulated work done and the maturity attained as a close-knit and agile institution. Members admitted that this committee had begun to work as a cohesive entity owing to work done by the AMCHAM secretariat. The committee raised few pertinent points about: a) forming a caucus comprising four consulting firms and members consulting with them for clarity on RFP documents being circulated by city administrations, b) the need to convince city administrations to waive off signing joint and several liability clauses for OEMs who are not directly bidding and c) the need to highlight similar issues during the upcoming AMCHAM Smart Cities Summit 2017 on 4th December 2017 at the Ambience Leela, Gurugram.