Past Events

Inaugural Environment & Sustainability Committee Meeting - 06 March 2024

On March 6th, AMCHAM held its inaugural meeting of the Environment & Sustainability Committee at the S&P Global office in Gurugram. Wg Cdr Rajiv Anand, Senior Director, AMCHAM welcomed members and requested all participants to introduce themselves before inviting remarks by Mr. Nilam Patel, Chairman – Environment & Sustainability Committee, AMCHAM and Head of Operations, S&P Global. Currently comprising 54 members spanning diverse sectors, the committee decided to work under four specialized working groups: 1) circular economy, 2) climate change and net zero emissions target, 3) waste management and enhancing resource efficiency, and 4) digitization as a catalyst for sustainability. Each working group, under guidance of identified industry leaders as vertical heads, would conduct monthly sessions to assess progress and work on the plan of action while convening for the larger committee group once every quarter. From the secretariat, Ms. Udaya Arun, Director, AMCHAM and Ms. Mehar Ahluwalia, Director, AMCHAM would lead this new committee.