Past Events

ICT Committee and Cyber Security Committee Meeting – 10th June 2020

The third committee meeting was jointly held for AMCHAM’s ICT Committee and Cyber Security Committee on June 10th virtually. The meeting opened with Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM, who spoke on the importance of digital readiness, allowing people’s life to continue during the pandemic and businesses to start working in the neo-normal and invited Mr. Rob Garverick, Honorary USG Chair – ICT & Cyber Security Committees, AMCHAM and Minister Counselor EEST, U.S. Embassy, to share his views. Mr. Garverick gave his inputs on the U.S.-India ICT and cyber security initiatives and requested members to provide feedback on the current situation. Range of issues such as the preferential market access, the new secure supply chain certification process, equalisation levy and Government E-Marketplace, were discussed. Members highlighted initiatives and steps taken towards a seamless work from home condition for their employees and relaxation by Department of Telecom were deliberated.


It was suggested by various members that AMCHAM must come up with a paper highlighting the work done by technology companies during the pandemic and how it can further assist the Government of India with its vision of enhancing the economy. On cyber security, it was agreed by most members for a PPP model where the government, industry and trade associations could work together to enhance awareness and knowledge on the subject. It was also suggested that since the committees have a range of issues to deliberate upon, the committee should be divided into smaller clusters for an effective submission. AMCHAM would be hosting range of virtual meetings to facilitate the same with the help of the U.S. Embassy. Lastly, a vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Garverick for his contributions to both committees for the year and he thanked AMCHAM for the initiatives taken.