Past Events

Hyderabad Chapter supported TiE Talks: Complete Lockdown – All You Need To Know – 27th March 2020

AMCHAM’s Hyderabad Chapter supported a webinar by TiE (The Indus Entreprenuers) Hyderabad on ‘TiE Talks: Complete Lockdown – All You Need to Know’ on March 27th. The webinar featured the following speakers: Mr. Jayesh Ranjan IAS, (IT & Industries), Mr. VC Sajjanar IPS, (Cyberabad Commissioner of Police) and Dr. G Srinivasa Rao (Public Health Dept.) in conversation with Mr. Viiveck Verma, Board Member of TiE Hyderabad. was held on March 27th from 3:00 p.m. onwards. The webinar started off with Mr. Viiveck Verma introducing the panelists. Dr. G Srinivasa Rao, Director, Public Health Dept, Govt of Telangana, said that of the 47 cases 35 were cured. There were about 1,600 foreign returnees and the lockdown has been initiated to break the chain of transmission. He said that things were under control now and being closely monitored.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan said that 95% of the IT workforce was working from home and the remaining 5% were given passes for the critical resources they handle. The SCSC could be contacted for passes and after due verification, the passes would be issued by the concerned officer. Broadband uptake has gone up by at least 30%. All four carriers have identified high demand areas and willing to work with the neighborhoods to get the additional infrastructure up and running. There seems no major complaints about broadband speeds. DSCI cybersecurity would be working on strengthening security.

Mr. V C Sajjanar requested members to abide by the rules and ensure that public do their shopping for groceries etc. only within the 3 km range of their residence, that was specified. He also requested that others stay at home and stay safe. A COVID-19 control room has been set up and public could contact them for anything. He request the public not to panic but follow the instructions of the Healthcare Department and take whatever precautions needed.