Past Events

HR Committee Webinar on 21 More Jobs of the Future with Cognizant – 13th November 2018

On 13th November 2018, the HR Committee organized a webinar on a report published by Cognizant this year entitled 21 More Jobs of the Future. This report is a sequel to Cognizant’s last year’s report 21 Jobs of the Future. Mr. Manish Bahl, Senior Director – Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant, explained the objective of the report during the webinar. As technology advances and artificial intelligence begins to take over, a lot of people think that their jobs are in danger, however, this report explained the new skills and jobs that will be needed in the future to work in tandem with machines and AI. The three common themes from last year’s report were coaching, connecting and caring. However, this year’s report also included three new themes, like ethical behaviours, security and safety and dreams.

The 21 More Jobs of the Future report mentions a variety of new skilled jobs like Financial Wellness Coach, Cyber Attack Agent, Virtual Identity Defender, Flying Car Developer, Machine Risk Officer, Smart Home Design Manager, Algorithm Bias Auditor, Voice UX Designer, Head of Business Behaviour, etc. Mr. Bahl explained the thought behind some of these new jobs that would become popular with examples explaining how the company’s needs would change in the future. The webinar concluded with Mr. Bahl emphasizing the need to re-learn and re-skill employees to be able to cope with the changes that will take place in the next couple of years.