Past Events

HR Committee Breakfast Meeting with KPMG – 14th June 2017

The first HR Committee meeting for the year 2017-18 was held on 14th June 2017, at the KPMG office in Bangalore. Ms. Ines Miranda, Regional Director – Karnataka Chapter, AMCHAM, introduced Mr. D.P. Singh, Chairman – HR Committee, AMCHAM and Vice President – Human Resources (India/South Asia), IBM, who would be continuing as chairman for the second year in a row. They thanked Ms. Shalini Pillay, Head HR, KPMG, for hosting the meeting.

Each committee member was requested to share topics and themes of interest and deliberated. They decided to focus on the following three themes for this year:

  • Upskilling, talent management, capability
  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Digitization of HR

A timeline and agenda would be drawn for the year and would be finalized based on the committee’s suggestions.

Thereafter a presentation was given by Ms. Shalini Pillay. The presentation was based on KPMG’s best practices ‘KPMG Internal Story for New Joiners,’ which focused on encouraging employees to believe in the values and goal of their workplace. Ms. Pillay explained the importance of continuous motivation and reminders that employees require to feel a part of a team. This was followed by Mr. D. P Singh’s presentation on an IBV study (IBM institute of Business Value) entitled ‘Upskilling India: Building India’s Talent Base to Compete in the Global Economy.’

It was decided to award an HR Committee member or HR charter team member with special recognition for their contribution toward the AMCHAM HR Committee in the past two years.