Mr. Prakash Bodla
Global Platform Leader for Electronics
Carrier Corp. 


Mr. Santosh Kulkarni
Managing Partner & Global Leader –
Global Transformation Centers Business Unit


Ms. Ruth Sandya Rodrigues 
Regional Director – Hyderabad Chapter

Ms. Komple Sharma

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Global Capability Center Committee

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are in the forefront of the accelerated pace of innovation in the country today. India’s attractiveness as a GCC destination is growing year-on-year, and the availability of talent at scale has been one of the primary growth drivers. There are about 1,700+ GCCs in India today, employing more than 1.4 million people nationally, and a significant percentage of employment is created by American companies in India.

A large chunk of India’s GCCs belong to U.S. companies which consist of a fairly young workforce. However, the nature of work being delivered by GCCs has been rapidly evolving which presents its own challenges to existing and new companies. Korn Ferry projects that by 2030, several large economies will face significant talent deficits. The only bright spot in this picture is India – where they anticipate a surplus, primarily driven by the demographic dividend India is expected to receive. While the large young workforce represents a significant opportunity for us, however it is what we will do now from a skilling perspective that will determine if India is successful in reaping this dividend. From a near term perspective, several research reports have corroborated the challenges in hiring skilled team members to meet the ever-increasing demand. This poses as a challenge to all U.S. companies for which they must collectively respond and resolve.

The GCC Committee is an opportunity for to take a holistic approach to examine the challenges and identify potential solutions. AMCHAM’s Global Capability Centre (GCC) Committee aims to become a credible voice in the GCC sector by way of meaningful and engaging initiatives. The committee aims to create value for its members through policy advocacy and creating a conducive platform for exchange of ideas and thoughts.