Past Events

GCC Committee Meeting – 21 July 20233

On July 21st, AMCHAM’s GCC Committee convened virtually on Microsoft Teams to deliberate and assess the committee’s viability, as well as gauge the enthusiasm and commitment of members towards making a positive impact and assisting new GCCs entering India. Members engaged in brainstorming sessions aimed at exploring various possibilities. The primary objective identified was to foster greater involvement among the GCC community by organizing programs designed to stimulate innovative thinking on specific topics. By collaborating and pooling collective expertise, the committee decided to craft a comprehensive knowledge paper that showcases tangible contributions of GCCs. The ultimate goal would be to present the document to the government, providing solid evidence of the valuable role played by GCCs in the country. The proposed initiatives seek to reignite passion and dedication within the GCC community, encouraging active participation in endeavors that align with shared values. By undertaking these efforts, the committee hopes to strengthen the GCC network’s presence and influence in India, fostering an environment where new GCCs can flourish and benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of established members. The committee reconfirmed a commitment to shape a brighter future for the GCC landscape and reinforce the importance of GCC contributions to the nation’s growth and development.