Past Events

Environment & Sustainability Committee’s Waste Management and Energy Efficiency Working Group Meeting

Under AMCHAM’s Environment & Sustainability Committee, the Waste Management and Energy Efficiency Working Group met virtually for the first time on May 3rd to brainstorm on specific waste management and energy efficiency themes. Ms. Udaya Arun, Director, AMCHAM and Ms. Mehar Ahluwalia, Director, AMCHAM welcomed members from Carrier, HPE, Dell, Honeywell and S&P Global before inviting them to share their issues and observations. Members presented successful waste management strategies (recycling programs) and energy efficiency initiatives (building automation) implemented in their Indian operations. They also brainstormed on exploring potential areas for collaboration, such as joint pilot projects for waste-to-energy solutions or knowledge-sharing workshops. Potential advocacy efforts to address policy barriers related to waste management or promote wider adoption of energy-efficient technologies in India was also explored.