Past Events

Environment & Sustainability Committee’s Circular Economy Working Group Meeting - 18 April 2024

Under AMCHAM’s Environment & Sustainability Committee, the Circular Economy Working Group met virtually for the first time on April 18th to brainstorm and deliberate on the three pillars of the circular economy – 1) eliminating waste and pollution, 2) continuing the cycle to keep products and materials in use and 3) regenerating natural systems. Ms. Udaya Arun, Director, AMCHAM briefly introduced the subject before inviting members from Smiths Detections, FMC, Carrier, Rockwell Automation, Caterpillar, Edwards Lifesciences, Dell, Pyxera Global and S&P Global to share their issues and observations. Members raised pointers emphasizing steel scrap supply while ensuring quality as well as energy transition, need for innovation, supply chain challenges, declassification of pesticide containers, need to address recycling and reuse of PET bottles, re-manufacturing and re-engineering, green credits, challenges around refrigerants and the A/C sector, amongst others topics. Ms. Mehar Ahluwalia, Director, AMCHAM joined the meeting and assured members a summary of discussions, along with a copy of the Steel Scrap Recycling Policy of 2019 would be circulated.