Mr. Nilam Patel
Head of Operations
S&P Global


Mr. Raju Kapoor
Director – Public & Industry Affairs
FMC India Pvt. Ltd.


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Ms. Mehar Ahluwalia

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Environment & Sustainability

The Environment & Sustainability Committee serves as a pivotal platform for U.S. companies to play a crucial role in fostering dialogues, sharing best practices and promoting joint initiatives to address pressing environmental challenges and advance sustainable development goals. From the U.S.-India perspective, the committee facilitates robust partnerships between American companies and Indian stakeholders to drive impactful policy measures and actions. U.S. companies bring a wealth of expertise, resources and innovative technologies to India, which can significantly contribute to environmental sustainability. U.S. firms offer cutting-edge environmental technologies and solutions in areas such as renewable energy, waste management and clean transportation, aiding India’s efforts to adopt sustainable practices. Leveraging their influence and experience, U.S. companies advocate for science-based policies and regulations, supporting India in implementing effective environmental policies and actions. U.S. corporations also facilitate investments in sustainable infrastructure projects, renewable energy ventures and green initiatives in India, accelerating the country’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Lastly, U.S. companies provide training programs, workshops, and technical assistance to enhance India’s capacity in environmental management and conservation efforts. The Environment & Sustainability Committee operates within 4 verticals: 1) circular economy, 2) climate change and net zero emissions target, 3) waste management and enhancing resource efficiency and 4) digitization as a catalyst for sustainability.