Past Events

Electronics Manufacturing Committee Meeting – 20 October 2020

To position India as a global hub for electronic component manufacturing, major investments from global players as well as Indian companies and SMEs is the urgent need of the hour. In 2019, the Union Cabinet gave its approval to the National Policy on Electronics 2019 which envisions positioning India as a global hub for electronics system design and manufacturing. The schemes to promote electronics manufacturing combined with the Prime Minister’s call for an Atmanirbhar Bharat have rejuvenated hopes of a rise of the indigenous electronics industry, allowing India to be truly self-sufficient. Against this backdrop, AMCHAM realized the importance of electronics manufacturing sector in India and started a committee to address issues faced by U.S. companies in India and to work with the government on supporting their plans and growth of the sector.


The first meeting of AMCHAM’s Electronics Manufacturing Committee was held on October 20th, 2020. The meeting began with a brief introduction by Ms. Ranjana Khanna, DG and CEO, AMCHAM, who reiterated the importance of creating the committee and introduced Mr. Ketan Patel, Chairman – Electronics Manufacturing Committee, AMCHAM and Managing Director, HP India Market and Mr. Naveen Tandon, Co-Chairman – Electronics Manufacturing Committee, AMCHAM and Head Public Policy, Apple Inc. Mr. Patel, during his address, suggested the importance of creating a committee that was more strategic in nature and align its objectives with the ones emphasized by the Government of India. Mr. Tandon recommended points such as bringing international best practices to the government through the committee, creation of a research report and focus on the ESDM sector.