Past Events

Electronics Manufacturing Committee Meeting – 01 September 2023

AMCHAM’s Electronics Manufacturing Committee met virtually on September 1st under the leadership of Mr. Naveen Tandon, Co-Chairman – Electronics Manufacturing Committee, AMCHAM and Head – Policy & Strategy, Apple India with a commitment to actively address challenges faced by the electronics and IT hardware industry in India. Members agreed to collaborate closely with relevant stakeholders and continue working towards fostering a conducive environment for growth, innovation, and the expansion of India’s role in the global electronics manufacturing landscape. The committee discussed strategies to address long-standing issues and concerns of electronics manufacturing in India. They debated localization definitions under PLI and Make in India schemes, reviewing for flexibility and potential improvements to deliver a sustainable supply chain. The committee considered forming an industry delegation for engagement with officials in both the Indian and U.S. governments. Microprocessor incentives in PLI, supply chain development, and IPEF and GVC inputs were also covered, along with suggestions for the Trade Policy Forum.