Past Events

Defense Committee Meeting– 14 January 2022

AMCHAM’s Defense Committee convened for the first virtual meeting in 2022 on January 14th. Members welcomed Mr. Raghavan Srinivasan, Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy who handles the defense sector. Recent statements released by the Ministry of Defense on the need for emphasizing and encouraging Make in India and how impending deals could be shelved were discussed along with an upcoming Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting. Everyone shared their views and knowledge on the subject and how the actions would affect everything right from smaller deals to larger deals. CAPT Michael Farmer, Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation and Major Dan Rothenberger, Director, Army Programs, U.S. Embassy, shared updates on visiting U.S. delegations for DefExpo 2022. Members also discussed whether the Ministry of Defence would take any steps regarding cancelling of Defexpo like the recent cancellation of Vibrant Gujarat due to the high rate of COVID cases in Gujarat. Everyone hoped that if any cancellations were being planned, the communication could be shared with chambers well in time. The meeting concluded with details of the TeamUSA industry events planned for DefExpo by AMCHAM and the committee decided to reconvene again in early February.