Past Events

COVID Information Session: Preventive & Home Care with Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi – 05 May 2021

On May 5th, AMCHAM’s COVID-19 Disaster Management Task Force organized a COVID information session and interaction with Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi to help everyone navigate the challenging situation as conflicting while stressful information on COVID is all around us. Ms. Ranjana Khanna, Director General CEO, AMCHAM welcomed participants and emphasized with the strain on the Indian healthcare system, preventative care for COVID and home care were very importance. Mr. Salil Gupte, Chairman, AMCHAM and President, Boeing India, in his opening remarks, talked about the unprecedented difficult time everyone has faced personally and encouraged companies, families and individuals to take steps to mitigate COVID spread whenever possible. Mr. Ankur Malhotra, Chairman – COVID-19 Disaster Management Task Force, AMCHAM and Head, Corporate Affairs & CSR, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India, said we should look at what actions to take now and in the future as the virus will be around for a while. Mr. William Blair, Co-Chairman for Northern Region – COVID-19 Disaster Management Task Force, AMCHAM and Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin India, shared a brief background for the webinar and touched upon the outpouring of support from all over the world to India. He emphasized the importance of the health and welfare of employees and introduced Dr. Sethi.

The guest speaker, Dr. Gurdeep Singh Sethi, Founder, Millennium Cancer Center in New Delhi, over the last year has focused on at home care for COVID patients through telemedicine. He gave an extensive presentation on COVID protocol which can be viewed HERE and shared a COVID treatment protocol which can be viewed HERE. He encouraged people to be vigilant, mask up, not to panic and get vaccinated. He also emphasized the need to consult a doctor before starting any medication. In the audience Q&A portion, Dr. Sethi fielded questions on vaccine efficacy, masking, medications often prescribed to COVID patients and many others.

Regional Co-Chairmen for the COVID-19 Disaster Management Task Force, Mr. Gulshan Kumar Sachdev, Managing Director, Quaker Hougton Chemical (Eastern Region), Mr. Ravi Bhatkal, Managing Director, Cookson India, MacDermid Performance Solutions (Tamil Nadu Chapter) and Mr. Chandrakant Nayak, CEO & Country President, Dow India (Western Region) attended. The session concluded with a vote of thanks from AMCHAM and was well received with more than 700 participants.