Past Events

Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee Meeting

AMCHAM’s Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee organized a virtual committee meeting on the ‘Impact of Gen AI in the Legal & Compliance Landscape’ on June 28th. Ms. Komple Sharma, Director, AMCHAM, welcomed participants. Mr. Gaurav Ajmani, Chairman – Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee, AMCHAM and Associate General Counsel: Business Conduct & Ethics, Amazon Seller Services (P) Ltd. and Ms. Bhawna A. Ranganadhan, Co-Chairperson – Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee, AMCHAM and Deputy General Counsel, Legal and Compliance, Genpact gave opening remarks and set the scene for the meeting. Mr. Rohan Bagai, Senior Partner, AZB & Partners was the guest speaker. In his presentation, he covered AI vs. traditional computing, general uses of generative AI, sector specific use cases, AI with regard to legal and regulatory compliance, threat landscape with ever evolving use of Gen AI, global approach for regulating AI, regulation of AI in India, legal and regulatory considerations associated with the use of AI, principles for responsible use of AI, AI development and deployment checklist and steps to ensure ethical AI deployment in an organization.