The main agenda of the concall was to form a skeletal base for the SCL Committee Industry Visit in pune scheduled for December 2015. As a large number of SCL Committee members are based in Mumbai/ Pune, the Committee anticipates greater participation. GE and Honeywell were proposed to be the 2 main facilities to be visited. GE being the main facility to visit which will provide a multimodal perspective not only in terms of supply chain but a unique multidivisional view of other sectors as aviation and power components as well.

It was decided to fix the industry visit for a date between the 1st to the 10th of December 2015. Sites such as Meritor, Inc. Automotive Axles Limited (Mysore), Toyota (Bangalore) and Ford (Chennai) among other American companies were suggested for future industry visits. To increase member participation at future F2F events/meetings, it was suggested to try Web Conferencing as a medium.


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