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Agriculture and Food Processing Committee

Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy and the food processing sector has a critical role in connecting farmers to domestic and global markets. The sectors are undergoing a technological revolution which will help in realizing their maximum potential. U.S. companies have established themselves as strategic partners and contributors to the Indian agriculture & food processing sector. AMCHAM member companies have been significant partners in the growth of the sector and are committed to bring the best technology and providing gainful employment.

The U.S. agriculture and food companies are committed to transform this pertinent sector and contribute in nation building. The committee’s objective is to be an active partner in India’s journey towards ensuring food security for all. The focus also covers making India a global food hub, AgTech, sustainability, ESG and digital transformation. With India being a powerhouse of grains and produce, the sector has the potential to provide immense benefits to the country, boosting farmer incomes, creating jobs, and contributing to the ‘Make in India’ vision.

A report on Sustainability Initiatives prepared by AMCHAM’s agriculture and food processing members was released at AMCHAM’s 2023 AGM, showcasing member companies’ best practices in the agriculture and food sectors. It aims to promote sustainability as a way forward and motivates companies to take a more sustainable approach towards development.


Mr. Prashant Peres
Managing Director – South Asia

Mr. Raju Kapoor
Director – Public & Industry Affairs
FMC India Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Komple Sharma

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