Past Events

Western Region Committee Meeting – 3rd July 2019

The 1st meeting of AMCHAM’s Western Region Committee 2019-2020 was held on July 3rd, 2019 in Mumbai. The meeting commenced with an opening address by Ms. Surabhi Wahal, Regional Director – Western Region, AMCHAM and welcome addresses by Ms. Ursula Thakkar, Chairperson – Western Region, AMCHAM and Managing Director, Lubrizol Advanced Materials India Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Sudhir Shenoy, Vice Chairperson – Western Region, AMCHAM and CEO, Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd.

Post a brief round of introductions, a showcase of AMCHAM’s Western Region member profile, footprint, initiatives and achievements during the year 2018-2019 was shared. The discussion that followed focussed on the role of committee members, updates on AMCHAM’s NextGen Global Leadership Program, Western Region signature event, Western Region business plan 2019-2020 and membership drive.