Past Events

U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working Group Meeting – 7th May 2020

On May 7th, AMCHAM’s U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working Group’s core committee conducted a conference call to discuss the current scenario of the travel industry, with a focus on travel from India to the U.S. specifically. Measures taken by the U.S. Tourism Promotion Board, Brand USA, to increase awareness of U.S. products to travel agents in India, as well as assistance that would be provided to airlines upon resuming flights, were highlighted. Marriott spoke about the measures being taken by hotel companies to increase safety for business and leisure travellers.

The conference call was attended by Mr. Aileen Nandi, USG Honorary Chair – U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working Group AMCHAM and Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy and Ms. Sheema Vohra, Industry Chair – U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working Group, AMCHAM and Managing Director, Brand USA, Mr. Anup Taneja, Director Global Sales, Marriott International and Mr. Pukhraj Joneja, Head Products and Industry Relations, FCM India.