Past Events

U.S.-India Travel and Tourism Working Group Meeting – 19 January 2021

AMCHAM’s U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working Group held a meeting on January 19th over a call. The discussion centered around the resumption of international business and leisure travel to the United States. Brand USA talked about the resumption of travel partners in pushing travel to the USA followed by Marriott and Hyatt sharing updates on the U.S. market. The Commercial Affairs section at the U.S. Embassy would be checking on the resumption of visa services. An interaction was planned for March 2021 for the working group members with airline partners to share updates on services to the USA. The attendees for the session included Ms. Sheema Vohra, Industry Chairperson – U.S.-India Travel & Tourism Working, AMCHAM (Brand USA), Mr. Vikas Choudhery (Hyatt), Mr. Anup Taneja (Marriott), Mr. Ross Belliveau (U.S. Embassy), Mr. Shibu Mathews (U.S. Embassy), Mr. Anuj Razdan (FCM) and Ms. Payal Satish (AMCHAM).