Past Events

Smart City Group Interaction with Bhopal Smart City Limited, (BSCL) 7th October 2016

 AmCham’s Infrastructure and Smart Cities Committee made an outreach visit to Bhopal on October 7th and met Mr. Chandramauli Shukla, CEO, Bhopal Smart City Limited and their Strategic Adviser, Mr. Animesh Parihar, to discuss and evaluate the progress of Bhopal smart city master plan. During the open interaction, many suggestions were exchanged on the upcoming projects under various smart city heads such as the ICT initiatives, retro and redevelopment projects (for which government acquired land was available), water and waste management, private sector partnerships, procurement, current and upcoming RFPs and the concept master plan models. A presentation on the Bhopal concept master plan was delivered by the CEO, BSCL. The group looked forward to taking up these points and engaging with the appropriate officials leading these efforts in Bhopal working towards the outcomes that were discussed. Companies such as Honeywell, PwC, 3M, United Technologies and HPE participated.