Past Events

Signature Lecture Series: Insights on Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Programs in India and the U.S. with Mr. Steven Wrappe, National Technical Leader, Transfer Pricing, Grant Thornton and Ms. Fatima Hunaid, Partner – Tax, Grant Thornton India LLP – 17th October 2019

Multinational companies doing business in India have for years faced extraordinary levels of transfer pricing litigation and controversies regarding cross border transactions between related parties. India’s tax administration launched an APA program in 2012, which has till date concluded 297 APAs, including 32 bilateral APAs with taxpayers from multiple industries. AMCHAM’s Karnataka Chapter, in partnership with Grant Thornton, on October 17th, as part of AMCHAM’s Signature Lecture Series, hosted guest speakers from Grant Thornton, Mr. Steve Wrappe, National Transfer Pricing Technical Leader and Ms. Fatima Junaid, Partner – Tax, to talk to AMCHAM member companies about the Advanced Pricing Agreement and how it impacts American companies doing business in India. Attendees were from MOOG, Synopsys, CBRE, Bank of America, High Peaks Software and others.