Past Events

Session on Labour Codes – an Overview of Key Provisions and its Impact for Employers and Employees in partnership with Ernst & Young – 17 February 2021

On February 17th, AMCHAM’s Karnataka Chapter, in partnership with Ernst & Young, hosted a session on labour codes – an overview of key provisions and its impact for employers and employees which covered aspects such as the new definition of wages under the labor codes and its impact on various employee benefits, key provisions under these labor codes relating to working hours, overtime, leave policy, contractual employees, etc. The session also covered compliances required by employers with regard to ensuring occupational safety and good working conditions and the need to review HR and payroll policies to align it with labour codes. The speakers were Mr. Amarpal S. Chadha, Partner at Ernst & Young and Mr. Sreenivasulu Reddy, Director at Ernst & Young India. The session had a great turnout with attendees from over 40 member companies.